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when to help

sarai started this conversation

Today my five year old told me his four year old playmate mentioned to him that his family doesn't have any food.  I know they are struggling, but don't know how much.  I don't know if don't have any food means they don't have money to buy food or just need to go shopping.  I'd slip them some $$ or a giftcard, but I don't want to offend them.  They work very hard!!  Probably people that struggle but don't qualify for help.  Should I let it go,or slip something in their mailbox (anonymously)?  maybe just keep my ears open for more clues, which just feels nosy?

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You are a very kind person.

I agree with you.  I think you should slip something into their mailbox.  Other options would be (1) since some people celebrate halloween ( I don't) but it would be the perfect 'opening' to give them something without embarrassment.  You could give them a gift card or monies & tell them to get the kids some snacks for halloween.  I'm sure they would get some groceries & be ever grateful to you.  (2) Or you could say someone gave you a gift card & you are not going to use it & give it to them.  This would also be away to give without causing embarrassment.

 I'm sure others here have helpful ideas.

take care,



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